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Indiginous Agriculture

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A woodland Eco-system under management

Reclaimed wetland now used for market gardening

Gulley before being rehabilitated in Zimuto

Organically grown tomatoes at the center of Excellency

Ministor of Environment touring a rehabilitated wetland in Charumbira

Exotic nursery for Home stead development

Vegetables for self reliance at the centre of excellency

A nutritional garden for communities in Zimuto

Establishing tree nursaries at the center of Excellency

An Entho-medicinal nursary in Charumbira.

AZTREC Tree and Herbal nursery tour with visitor from Germany

Sharing notes on harbal nurseries with students on attachment.

Piggary project at the Centre of Excellency feeding on organically grown green maize

Communities at the Zimuto cultural village preparing grass for thatching some of the structures.

Thatching grass at center of Excellency

Modernising the kicthen at th center of exellency

meet our own cooking oil requirement at shashe center of excellency

Etho - medicinal garden at Sha-shse center of excellency

For self sufficient in cooking oil and stock feeds
                  - grow your own sunflowers
                  - Extract cooking oil
                  - Use cake for stock feed

Uses of cattle
        - Meat
        - milk
        - urine for pest & disease management
        - manure for soil enrichment
        - Hide for traditional drums and ropes
        - cultural identity
        - Income if sold live
        - drought power
        - paying robola

Uses of mecia
        - Family poridge
        - Sadza
        - brew beer for rituals
        - brew beer for cash
        - mix with maize and sunflowers for stock freeds
        - produe meat-meal for the urban market

Uses for small grains
        - poridge for the family
        -sadza for dinner
        - traditional beer for ritual
        - tradeitonal beer for income generating
        - Immune booster for the ill

Value addition to farm produce at center of excellency

The excutive director of AZTREC showing is suger beans to a Japanese development partner.

Grainding mill for value addtion at center or excellency

Value addition machine at shashe

sugar beans at shashe

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