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More than a decade of work by a tripartite relationship between the spirit mediums, the chiefs and the veterans of the liberation struggle in trying to resuscitate the indigenous visions of the indigenous peoples of Zimbabwe in management of natural resources has established important issues that are key to sustainable agriculture practices and natural resources management. Based on this alliance between the spirit mediums, chiefs and veterans of the liberation struggle an institution known as Association of Zimbabwe Traditional Environmental Conservationists (AZTREC) was formed in 1985. The alliance of the spirit mediums, chiefs and war veterans dates back prior to colonization when these were the facets of upholding the beliefs, values and norms of the indigenous people. It continued at colonization when the indigenous people resisted the colonial regime resulting in the first Chimurenga war of the 1890’s and the subsequent war of liberation which took years of fighting. The tripartite relationship have continued today as a way of reviving the lost heritage resulting from colonization.

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